Game Design Commentary

As Educators seek to better understand game-based learning and how video games teach, it is important to remember that video games are developing too. Many of the current issues and ideas being discussed by entertainment game designers are also pertinent to educators.

Video Games and Learning - Daniel Floyd talks about the divide between entertainment video games and educational video games, and describes the potential of games for 'tangential learning'. Note: Video contains brief strong language, and may not be suitable for young viewers.

Video Games and Choice - Daniel Floyd talks about the differences between the two kinds of gameplay 'decisions': problems and choices.

Video Games and Moral Choices - Daniel Floyd talks about the challenges of designing 'moral choices' in games.

The Skinner Box - Daniel Floyd talks about Operant Conditioning, and its (over)use in gaming.

Meaningful Play: Getting Gamification Right - Sebastian Deterding talks about gamification, or how to incorporate gaming techniques and ideas into non-game activities.

Achievements - Daniel Floyd talks about the use of video game 'achievement' rewards.

Gaming Can Make a Better World - Jane McGonigal talks about using online games to solve real-world problems.

Gamification - Daniel Floyd talks about the potential and perils of incorporating game design techniques into non-game activities.

Gamifying Education - Daniel Floyd talks specifically about incorporating game design techniques into Education.

Seven Ways Games Reward the Brain - Tom Chatfield talks about motivational techniques used by games.