Batman : Arkham City for the XBOX 360

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This is a sequel to the orignal game Batman Arkham Asylum where Batman was struck in the infamous mental asylum. In this game Batman is stuck with the criminal element of Arkham asylum who have been released into the city of Gotham by Hugo Strange. Strange has developed a new plan called Protocal ten to take over the whole city. At the same time Joker has a diease from the previous game and he infects Batman with it as well. Batman must work to discover the cure by investigating and hurting some of Gotham's worst criminals. During the game you can also also play with and as catwoman. Two of the other major characters that you must interact with is Penguin and Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze is the only person who can help cure Batman and the Joker.

This game has several elements that are teachable. One of the biggest things that I liked about this game was the fact that it gives you alot of information about the orignal background of alot of the characters from the various batman comics, series exc i.e. year and comic when they were introduced. This game also taught me how to do several new strategies that I had never done before , such as, using a grapel gun to get around and being able to open up doors by using a code encryptor. The hardest part was learning how to get around a room without being detected by the thugs in a room as I silently took them down. I had to replay these parts a couple of times before I was able to move on to the next level. This was one of the most important skills that a gamer had to have in order to be successful in the game.

There wasn't alot of feedback on how I was doing unless I either lost my life or I knocked down a group of thugs who were bothering people. Once I did this I was given information about what I needed to do next in order to move on to the next level. The pace was actually nice because you didn't have to play the game in any particular order like most games and I really felt like I could pick and choose what I do. If I found myself constantly dieing then I could skip the challenge and come back to it later.
The principle of learning featured in this game was the use of using logic and patterns in the game. One of the side elements of the game is having to solve the riddler's questions. A part of this is having to figure out the pattern of where these clues are hidden and how to solve them. There also is a very logical sense of solving the missions in the game. While Batman has lots of weapons only certain ones can be used for a particular mission.

As I got closer to the end of the game, I looked up different websites that had walkthroughs to help finish some of the tougher parts of the final parts of the game. Since it has been at least a year since the game has come out so there was lots of resources available to me. There was visual videos walkthroughs and written walkthroughs.
I really liked this game. The story was very interesting and it had alot of story elements included along with the the elements of action. The visuals were also amazing. All of the individual buildings such as the former fun house were very detailed with lots of puzzle and prizes featured throughout. While I felt like I learned alot about he world of Batman I don't think I would use this with a classroom. There are two main reasons I would not use this in the classroom is the fact that there is some graphic language featured in the game and the fact that the female characters in particular are wearing......... clothes that really objectify them as women. I wouldn't be comfortable with students thinking that I support that type of message.