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Lesson Name
Angry Birds with Math and English?
Date Taught
Time allotted for lesson
52 minutes
Describe in great detail the steps needed in order to pass a level in Angry Birds using a variety of Math and English terms!
Literacy Goals
Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas, concepts, and information through the selection, organization, and analysis of relevant content. (8.W.2.)
TWBAT give a written description in great detail the steps needed in order to pass a level in Angry Birds using a variety of Math and English terms!
Pre-Requisite Knowledge and Skills
Ability to login to a computer
Materials, Equipment, Supplies, Technology, Preparation
1. 30 computers loaded with angry birds installed with at least 30 different levels unlocked for open play.
2. Notebook with a pencil or paper
3. 1 Projector hooked up to a Smart Board and computer.
Meeting Varying Needs
Multiple Intelligences and Entry Points
Entry Point(s)
Entry Point(s)
Demonstrations, Directions on Whiteboard
Think pair share with a partner
Introduce new vocabulary words on whiteboard as well as verbally.


Physical demonstration as well as student participations.


TAG students’ Rate and Level needs will be met through “respectful options” based on research-based TAG strategies, including, but not limited to: ability grouping, compacted curriculum, independent learning contracts, and negotiated options

Anticipatory Set, Motivation, or Hook
Who’s played Angry birds on Mom or Dad’s phone before? Well, today we are going to be playing it in class!!!!!
Attendance, walk to the computer lab, go over directions on the whiteboard and then log in students.

Directions are as follow:

You will log into your computer and load up Angry birds. The purpose of this assignment is to be able to use your words in order to successfully guide someone who has never played Angry Birds or this level of Angry Birds and be able to. It is important to try and get as many stars “points” as possible when completing the level using your guide. It is important to use math specific terms during this assignment.

Example “Line up your bird and slingshot and shoot at a 45 degree angle while pulling the bird about 3/4th the way back”

After you are done with your instructions, trade with someone else who is done and we test out their directions and do a think pair share on how you think you could become more precise with your directions or make any corrections.

After you are done with your partner, find one more partner and go through each other’s directions.
When this is complete we will all combine our instructions and create one giant “Walkthrough” and share it online.

I will also test some of your directions on the projector with the rest of the class and we will measure your angles to see if you are close with your estimations.
Independent Application
See lesson plans, modifications made during lesson for independent application
Group Application
Students will work with a partner or a group of 3 in order to test and share methods on how to beat the level
Let’s test out some of the walkthrough, who wants to volunteer their directions to play in front of the class?
Students will be measured by teacher observations as well as completing the assignment with proper English, Math, and legible writing.

Learning Principles
Semiotic Principle – In order to write a good walkthrough that others can follow the students will have to become familiar with the many different terms, items and symbols that are specific to the game of Angry Birds. The student’s walkthroughs will be better if they understand and use the terminology of the game.

Semiotic Domains Principle – By working in groups the students learn to interact with each other using the terms of the game. They will become better learners through working out how they were able to pass the level. The need to give a written explanation of the steps will force the students to master the level and its symbols.
Metalevel Thinking about Semiotic Domains Principle – Working in groups to create the walkthrough and putting all the student’s work together to create a complete guide will give the students the chance to learn that they can use these same techniques and ways of thinking to work through levels on other games or to solve problems not related to gaming. The students should be able to make connections from this activity to other activities and be able to transfer the lessons learned.
Achievement Principle – the fact that each Angry Birds level can be repeated over and over means that learners from all skill levels can participate and feel like they are making progress as they learn the level at their own speed.

Practice Principle – Again as each level can be repeated an unlimited amount of times and each attempt can have a unique outcome the learner can practice the level over and over to find the best way to pass the level and get the most points without getting bored because the outcome of each attempt is unpredictable.

Ongoing Learning Principle – The game of Angry Birds naturally incorporates the ongoing learning principle. Each level gets increasingly more difficult and the students will have to continue to learn new and better techniques in order to explain how to pass each new level. Not only will the students have to learn how to pass the level but they will also have to find new and better ways to explain how to pass the levels if their explanations are not good enough to help the other students to master the level.

“Regime of Competence” Principle – as the levels increase in difficulty the students will be challenged to become better at solving each level but the levels build on the knowledge that the students have already learned and therefore should always be solvable. The need to give a good written explanation may also get more and more difficult as level difficulty increases but the students will be able to use the work they have done on the previous levels to help them get through each new level. Angry Birds is very good at keeping the player just at the edge of impossible but always somehow managing to get by and keeping players hooked in to the game play.

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Written walkthrough example and directions
This is one possible way the students could write the walkthrough. Remember to use the specific instructions that go along with each bird. Some tips for clear instructions are:

Each bird has strengths and weaknesses. Bomb birds are best used to take out tricky defenses. They are also extremely helpful if all your targets are in close proximity to each other.
The birds that split into three missiles are great for setting off chain reactions. This is extremely helpful because the chain reactions will target different parts of the map all at once.
For each level or structure there isn’t necessarily a set strategy. Some can be taken down with one precise hit, while others need constant bombardment before you can get at the pigs inside.
It can be difficult to destroy stone walls, it will take some moving. So it can be best to target the wooden pieces first, hoping that will unsettle the rest of the structure.

A sample walkthrough could look like the following:

Level 1: 4 Birds, R,R,R,B, 3 Star instructions

Step 1: Your target is the 3rd brown block on the 1st structure.
Step 2: Pull the red bird back to full strength
Step 3: Line up the bird so that the trajectory will be close to 80 degrees when it launches
Step 4: Watch the distance and velocity of the bird as it travels, make any adjustments needed if you do not hit the target

Red Bird #2
Step 1: Locate the ice blocks above the green pig with the helmet, those are the target for this bird
Step 2: Using a 45 degree angle, pull the bird back at 2/3's power and release
Step 3: You should have destroyed all of the ice around the big pig and with any luck tipped over the last structure onto the pig in the rear

Red Bird #3
Step 1: Locate the remaining blocks around the pig with the hat, these are the target
Step 2: Aim the red bird at a 90 degree angle off of the slingshot.
Step 3: Using full power, release the bird and the bird should hit the base of the blocks and take out the pig with a hat

Blue Bird #4
Step 1: Locate the ice blocks guarding the closest pig on the level, these are your target
Step 2: Pull the slingshot down to about a 20 degree angle.
Step 3: Using 1/4 power, you will release and lob the bird high into the air so it comes down on the blocks
Step 4: As the bird is falling down, click the left mouse button to activate the birds ability. The bird should split into 3 birds and take out all the blocks as well as the pig.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTm8pRqSOYyMLD3D5m-aYf0fP0MWggmBibFjlJGYP_UulQMe-Ux
Video demo and walkthrough

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